Low Level Laser Therapy

Background information on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low level laser therapy has been used widely in Canada, Europe and Asia for over 30 years to treat various rheumatological, neurologic ,chiropractic, dental and dermatologic disorders. In recent times, there has been increasing awareness and acceptance of LLLT amongst doctors around the world as more venture into trying proven alternative therapies. Moreover, LLLT is non-invasive, safe and uses scientifically proven technology.

There are more than 3500 published scientific papers on the “biomodulation” benefits of LLLT. The aim of biomodulation is to stimulate the cells to function optimally within the target range. Through photonic absorption, laser light energy converts into chemical energy which initiates a cascade of chemical reactions at a cellular level.

Intravascular low level laser therapy first began in Russia and was introduced into China in 1990. To date, in China alone, the intravascular irradiation of low power laser has been used to treat various pathological processes – including neurological, heart, urinary, respiratory, dermal, gynecological, eye and ear, nose throat diseases in 10,000 patients. In this technique, low intensity laser is guided by an optical fibre needle through an intravenous catheter into a blood vessel to irradiate circulating blood.

There are several drawbacks with this technique.

  1. It's invasive - giving rise to risk of infection
  2. It's painful - many people are needle-phobic
  3. It’s has to be performed by trained medical personnel in a clinic or hospital

The RadiantLife LT Technology

RadiantLife LT is designed to overcome the problems of intravascular LLLT. The product is designed with the customer first in mind, and as a  result, we have a robust product with a simplistic form that is easy and convenient to use. Particular attention was given to the design of the circuit such that power is regulated and delivered at maximum efficiency, which requires only one 1.5 V AA alkaline battery for 60 hours of operation. Based on recommended usage of one 25 minute session daily, one battery will last for 3 months! This product is CE certified to EC directives EN 60601-1: 1990 + A1 + A2  (Medical Device Directive).

RadiantLife LT is a compact, portable, electronic home-use device that uses laser light energy to enhance your general well-being. It is safe, efficacious, non-drug, non-invasive, and uses scientifically proven technology.

An applicator is inserted into the nose where a small dose of low intensity laser light of 655 nm wavelength is applied to the blood vessels. The nose is one of few available areas in the human body where blood capillaries are in abundance close to the surface of the skin. In just 25 minutes of use, the red blood cells can be seen under a microscope, to have significantly less clumping, and with better form. These are indicators of improved circulation, and more efficient oxygen and mineral transport capability.

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