Frequently Asked Questions ........................................

Q. What is a TRUE laser?

A. RadiantLife LT uses a true laser diode. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. By definition, laser light is monochromatic, coherent and collimated.

Q. What is low level laser?

A. Unlike high powered lasers which use heat to destroy tissues, cold (or low level) lasers have an output below 10 mW and do not have a thermal effect on tissues. They stimulate optimal biological functions of the tissues.

Q. How does it work at the cellular level?

A. Photonic energy is absorbed by the photo-acceptor sites on the cell membrane which trigger a secondary messenger to initiate a cascade of intracellular signals that initiate, inhibit or accelerate biological processes such as wound healing, reducing inflammation and pain management. 

Q. Why use RadiantLife LT?

A. It can be used as an adjunctive treatment for many health ailments.

    It is a safe, non-drug and non-invasive treatment method

    It is effective with scientifically proven technology to improve blood circulation, boost immunity and relieve ailments.

    It is quick, simple and convenient to use. It is a small and portable device that can be used anywhere, anytime. One 1.5V AA Alkaline battery will last for about 60 hours of usage. 

Q. How often should I use it, and when do I see results?

A. Recommended usage is one 25 minute session a day. The results are immediate - observe your blood samples with a microscope before and after a 25 minute treatment and you will see the difference. However, it is unlikely that most of you will want to do that. For some people, it may take only a couple of weeks to feel improvement in their well-being, while it may take longer for others.

Q. Is low level laser therapy scientifically well documented?

A. Yes. There are more than 100 randomized double-blind placebo controlled studies confirming the positive clinical effects of LLLT. More than 2,500 research reports are published. Looking at the limited dental literature alone, (370 studies), more than 90% of these studies do verify the clinical value of laser therapy. 

Q. How safe is it?

A. There are many published studies on low level laser but none mention any negative side effects of semi-conductor diode lasers at 5 mW range like RadiantLife LT. Safety precautions should be noted as per user's guide.

Q. Who should not use RadiantLife LT?

A. For legal reasons, the following are listed as contraindications although no studies have shown problems with them. Those who have current history of cancer. Those who are pregnant. Those who use a pacemaker or an internal defibrillator. Those who suffer from epilepsy.

Q. Can LLLT cause cancer?

A. No mutational effects have been observed resulting from light with wavelengths in the red or infra-red range and doses used within LLLT.

Q. What happens if the person has cancer and is unaware of it uses LLLT?

A. Experiments on rats have shown that small tumours treated with LLLT can recede and completely disappear, although laser treatment had no effect on tumours over a certain size. It is postulated that the local immune system is stimulated to fight the tumor.