Skin Rejuvenation

Pure visible red light increases the metabolic rate of the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria are the power house of cells & increasing its metabolic rate makes the cell more efficient. Hence, cell activity and blood flow is increased to oxygenate and detox the skin while stimulating collagen production. It gives the skin an instant glow after just 1 treatment. Over a series of treatments, improvements can be seen in skin tone, texture and fine lines.

The positive effects of VielLight Red LEDs can be further enhanced with the use of cell rejuvenation creams and serums such as Retin A and Retinol.

"LLLT obtains good results in aesthetics due to its three main effects: biostimulative-regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. LLLT can be applied in aesthetics like monotherapy or complementary treatment modality to the topic medications. Frequent indications for LLLT in aesthetics are as follows: - Acne - Cellulite - Striae - Alopecia - Wrinkles - Lentigo senile."

1Tatjana Trobonjaca, M.D., 2Zlatko Simunovic, M.D., F.M.H. 1Laser Center, Opatija , Croatia 2Pain Clinic-Laser Center, Locarno, Switzerland