Lowers Blood Lipids

Laser correction of microcirculation disorders in patients having CHD with hypercholesterinemia

A P Vasil'ev , M A Sekisova , N N Strel'tsova , Iu N Senatorov  

“After receiving a course of low-intensity infrared laser radiation treatment the patients displayed positive changes in blood lipid spectrum, which was associated with improvement in microcirculation, decrease in afterload, increase in economization of heart functioning and activity tolerance. The obtained results demonstrate that the hypolipidemic effect of laser radiation is a substantial factor in the regression of CHD manifestations." (full abstract)

Dynamics of lipid metabolism and peripheral blood flow rates in patients with atherosclerosis in conjunction with renal dysfunction after the course of combined laser therapy.

Kovalyova T V et al. 

“The study has demonstrated a decreased level of total cholesterol , LDL cholesterol and triglycerides with an simultaneous increase of HDL cholesterol levels. No pharmaceuticals were given during the treatment period.” (full abstract)

The effect of low-intensity laser radiation in the infrared and red ranges on arterial pressure regulation in patients with borderline hypertension

Shuvalova IN, Klimenko IT, Zhukova LP, Oborin IuI.

“Employment of low-intensity laser irradiation in the rehabilitation of patients with borderline hypertension during the sanatorium stage was noted to strikingly enhance the efficiency of the therapy administered.”  (full abstract)

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