Improves Blood Circulation

In vitro effects of helium-neon laser irradiation on human blood: blood viscosity and deformability of erythrocytes.

Mi XQ, Chen JY, Liang ZJ, Zhou LW. - Department of Physics, State Key Laboratory of Applied Surface Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

"The blood viscosity of samples in hyper-values was lowered by laser irradiation ....... The deformability of erythrocytes from pathological samples and Ca(2+)-treated samples was improved after laser irradiation. CONCLUSIONS: The positive effects of laser irradiation on improving the rheological properties of blood were demonstrated in vitro". (full abstract)

Laser blood irradiation effect on electrophysiological characteristics of acute coronary syndrome patients

Khotiaintsev, Konstantin S.; Doger-Guerrero, E.; Glebova, L.; Svirid, V.; Sirenko, Yuri - AA(Instituto de Fisiologia/Univ. Autonoma de Puebla) AC(Kiev Mohlya Academy Univ.) AD(Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) AE(Institute of Cardiology)

“LBI led to the pronounced positive changes in electro-physiological characteristics of the cardiovascular system of the patients, it also led to the pronounced anti-arrhythmic effect.” (full abstract)

Influence of low-level laser radiation on kidney functions

Koultcavenia, Ekaterina V. - AA(Novosibirsk Research Institute of Tuberculosis)

“Is proved, that after a rate of laserotherapy the improving of a blood micricirculation in kidney occurs in 57.9% of patients; a secretion - in 63.1% of the patients; a stimulation of urodynamic is fixed in 79% of cases. Magnification of diuresis, improving filtration and concentration functions of kidneys also is marked.” (full abstract)

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